Help-wanted column

      PUBLIC RELATIONS SPECIALISTMarkets business image and company’s transportation division and mail order gift division services. Responsible to set up marketing to major airlines crews coming in and out of Los Angeles International Airport and San Francisco International Airport such as All Nippon Airlines, Air New Zealand Airlines, Air China, Eva Air Ways, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cargolux Airlines, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Emirates, Korean Airlines, Atlas/Polar Airlines, Centurion Airlines, Hilton Hotel Los Angeles Airport for China Airlines, Holiday Inn Torrance for Eva Airways and Philippine Airlines, The Line Hotel for Asiana Airlines, California State University of Dominguez Hills. Responsible for invoicing and collecting from airlines. Supervises bus driver dispatch and assignment and trains bus drivers who have Class B-P (Commercial Driver License) to start to work.
      Provides marketing of services for hotel guests and special events. Position requires preparation of brochures in Japanese, development and maintenance of design content of website in Japanese and English for mail order gift operations that caters to Japanese customers residing in the U.S. who ship back to Japan a variety of gift products.
      The Public Relations Specialist is responsible for developing a plan and campaign to expand internet gift order products to Japanese living worldwide. He/She will create a positive image of the company through social media and media communications both print and digital. He/She will develop business plans by surveying the competitors and determining what services the clients require and desire. He/She is responsible for product promotional and seasonal merchandising campaigns based on the target market.
      Develop internal communications in Japanese and English to support HR and company initiatives, including employee recognition, policy and procedure dissemination. Assist with the development and launch of ongoing and selected organizational programs. Under the supervision and control of review of management to create digital print and audiovisual materials in English and Japanese for organizational development programs. Creates consistency for brand training and communication materials, including emails, memos, online, print and media communications. Manage newsletter. Maintain company intranet site. Design and develop brand image and theme for company related events. Help create company presentations. Help create messages for company President to be shared with the employees of company. Receive feedback from associates as to company programs and assist in the creation of a new career site within the company website. Ensures that computer operations is working so staff is able to communicate properly internally and externally to clients. Maintain the company's social media websites. Must be able to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Powerpoint. Must be know how to use social media networks as Facebook, Twitter and blog within a business setting. Travel as necessary to Burlingame office.
      EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Bachelors Degree in Communications/Cultural Infomatics plus 5 years progressive experience in sales and marketing in airport transportation and overseas gift sales. Must have ability to do business in Japanese and English working in airport transportation and overseas gift business marketing and promotional sales to Japan.

      Location of Job:
      California: Los Angeles, CA /FT 40 hours per week

      Please send resume to:
      Kotobuki-ya Inc.
      438 Amapola Avenue, Suite 115
      Torrance, CA 90501

      Cynthia Oprecio, General Manager